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Monday, June 12, 2006

Crack WPA in 10 easy steps with WHAX!

This tutorial will help security consultant secure their clients and servers. Actually this tutorial is a .swf file taken from and I just print screen it to see the command clearly and neatly.

Here it is. Enjoy!


  • At least now you know (because trust me, the hackers already do) better than to "protect" your network with this. With all the weaknesses that exist with wireless networks, I've simply turned the wireless capabilities of my modem off, but the average user doesn't even know how to do that. This makes me wonder how the RIAA is able to make any of the cases stick, when in truth and in fact, anyone with a modem that has built in wireless could easily have been hacked, and have someone who illegally gained access to their network, frame them for copyright infringement. How could these court cases possibly stand up in a court of law, would this not lead to reasonable doubt? How can we blame users for not securing their networks when the technology we give them to do it is far from fool proof. This issue needs to be looked at.

    By Anonymous r00tus3r, at 4:16 AM  

  • It's very valuable for people to see that "wireless security" isn't so secure. Sure it sucks that more people will see how to do this, but hopefully many more will be made aware just how unsafe wireless is.
    To the front page with this!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:16 AM  

  • this is the problem. script kiddies know of these things, and the ordinary public don't. the companies and rubbishy security websites mistakenly give the public a false sense of security and seem to fail to promote the basics. I have looked many times for this sort of information to know how safe wireless is. From what Im reading, Radius WPA is the only real safe version. PSK looks pretty safe but crackable.

    By Anonymous miaow, at 4:17 AM  

  • Here is an open source app that stores encrypted passwords (promoting the safe use of very-complex passwords) and generates them if needed.

    Highly recommended, and works well for saving complex PSK's in a safe place.


    By Anonymous maseone, at 4:18 AM  

  • Some of the best passwords use ASCII characters, like the alt #### combinations. Rainbow tables are basically impossible when you include those (because there are hundreds, the tables bloom exponentially in size to petabytes of data), most bruteforcers don't bother checking (even if they did, it'd take a century) and no dictionary attack will work.

    I don't know if WPA specifically supports ascii - my VPN does as do most online passwords - but if they do it can make a relatively short password nearly invincible. Even just one ASCII can make a weak password very strong.

    By Anonymous jambarama, at 4:24 AM  

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