My Life as an Internet Security Consultant

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Winrar Bug

Figure 1.1 First right click on the desktop then New->Text Document

Figure 1.2 Then right click the New Text Document then Add to archive

Figure 1.3 Then name it whatever you like. I name it winrarbug.rar.

Figure 1.4 Then click Advanced and click Set password... and put the password you like. I put "123" as my password. Then OK.

Figure 1.5 Right click the winrarbug.rar then click Extract Here.

Figure 1.6 This is my favorite part. Don't input the password you use to rar the file, instead use any password. I use "asdf" as a password here.

Figure 1.7 And that's it. The file is extracted. I tried this bug in version 3.XX. I don't know if this works in version 2.XX.